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Who is the only survivor of the concentration camps in The Diary of Anne Frank?
a) Anne
b) Peter
c) Mr. Frank
d) Mrs. Frank

What does Charlie plan to do at the end of the story?
a) Get another operation
b) Propose to Miss Kinnian
c) Leave New York for a new beginning
d) Enroll in another adult school

33. Which of the following is an example of dramatic irony?
a) Anne tells Peter that she believes all people are “good at heart”
b) Mr. Van Daan stealing food
c) Mr. Frank gives Anne a diary
d) d. All of the above

How does Charlie help the factory after his operation?
a) He organizes a union for the workers
b) He becomes a supervisor
c) He takes over Joe’s job at his machine
d) He rearranges the machines

At the end of every scene, we hear Anne’s voice. This is an example of a ______________.
a) Soliloquy
b) Dialogue
c) Conflict
d) Plot

Why does Billy try to cut down the tree their first raccoon is in?
a) He promises his dogs that he will help them get their first coon
b) The Pritchard boys bet him that he couldn’t catch a coon
c) He needs the money from the hide for a new mule for the farm
d) He promised his sisters that he would catch a coon for them

Who accepts the Pritchard boys’ bet?
a) Grandpa
b) Billy
c) Billy's father
d) Billy's mother

How long does it take Billy to save the money for his puppies?
a) Two months
b) Six months
c) One year
d) Two years

What biblical story is referred to several times in “Flowers for Algernon?”
a) David and Goliath
b) Adam and Eve
c) Moses freeing the slaves
d) Jesus' birth

Who reveals the whereabouts of the Secret Annex to the Nazis?
a) Dussel
b) Miep
c) Thief
d) Mr. Kraler

What does Little Ann win a trophy for?
a) Obedience
b) Beauty
c) Agility
d) Temperament

Why does Rubin fall on the ax?
a) He is trying to kill the ghost coon
b) He is trying to kill Billy
c) He is trying to cut down the tree the ghost coon is in
d) He is trying to kill Little Ann and Old Dan

What is the first part of plot called?
a) Exposition
b) Rising Action
c) Falling Action
d) Resolution

What is the second part of plot called?
a) Exposition
b) Rising Action
c) Climax
d) Falling Action

What is the most exciting part of the plot called?
a) Exposition
b) Rising Action
c) Climax
d) Falling Action

What part of plot happens right after the climax?
a) Exposition
b) Rising Action
c) Falling Action
d) Resolution

The townspeople call Billy a hillbilly. This is an example of a __________.
a) Dialect
b) Stereotype
c) Soliloquy
d) Dramatic irony

Which of the following is an example of internal conflict?
a) Anne struggling with her ability to be kind
b) Billy fighting the mountain lion
c) Charlie feeling anger towards Algernon for beating him
d) Billy arguing with the Pritchard boys

Which of the following characters is a subordinate character?
a) Charlie
b) Billy
c) Miss Kinnian
d) Anne

Which of the following stories DOES NOT include a flashback?
a) The Diary of Anne Frank
b) Flowers for Algernon
c) Where the Red Fern Grows
d) None of these examples includes a flashback

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