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Which of the following best describes a fact?
a) The feelings of the main character
b) Something that can be proven
c) Something that can't be proven
d) How much the main character likes something

Which of these statements is a fact?
a) Taxing Americans was a good idea.
b) England had the right to tax the colonies.
c) The French and Indian War was fought in America.
d) When George came to the throne, England had been fighting an expensive war for too long.

Which of the following is a fact?
a) Aiden is the smartest student in the fifth grade.
b) Myla received a 98% on the reading test.
c) Reading is very easy
d) Caleb G. is the best author in the class.

Which of the following best descrives an opinion?
a) A person who can prove something
b) Making a good choice
c) A person's thoughts or feelings about something
d) Something that can be proven

Which of the following is an opinion?
a) Shea is wearing a blue dress.
b) Adriana is upset that her team lost.
c) Conner woke up at 7:30 in the morning.
d) Nathan won the race at field day.

Which of the following is an opinion?
a) America became a free country from England.
b) King George is arrogant and cocky.
c) England fought America in the Revolutionary War.
d) King George thinks that he did nothing wrong.

Find the fact below.
a) Carly is nice and quiet and a model student.
b) Cece does everything wrong all of the time.
c) Alexia is the most beautiful girl in the whole world.
d) Peyton reads the most in the class.

What percentage of people would agree that a fact is true?
a) 1%
b) 50%
c) 90%
d) 100%

Who would be most likely to say a fact?
a) Politician
b) Police Officer
c) Student
d) Criminal

Which is most likely an opinion?
a) Mr. Keefer is the best teacher in the world.
b) Mr. Hohman teachers next to Mr. Keefer.
c) Mr. Keefer is friends with Mrs. Hoffman and Mrs. Smith.
d) The sky is blue.

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