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What drives people to invent ?
a) desire
b) ideas
c) needs
d) communication

To make changes or do something in a new way is a
a) innovation
b) creation
c) invention
d) idea

The 2nd step of problem-solving model is
a) communicate
b) suggest solutions
c) identify the problem
d) implement solutions

List ideas that might solve the problem is part of which problem-solving model step
a) suggest solution
b) identify the problem
c) check solution
d) communicate

Process of coming up with new ideas and ways to solve problems i
a) innovation
b) ideation
c) creation
d) invention

Most used technique for idea generation is
a) opinion paragraph
b) mind mapping
c) idea seeding
d) brainstorming

What is the goal of technology?
a) To understand the natural word
b) To understand the worlds technological advance
c) To meet human needs or solve human problems
d) To meet human needs and science problems

The process of using scientific knowledge to design and build technology
a) Engineering
b) Biology
c) Physical science
d) Technology

A way of looking at how things influence each other within a whole
a) System thinking
b) Technology system
c) Problem solving system
d) System

The results of a process in the Universal system model is know as
a) Input
b) Output
c) Processes
d) Feedback

What determine if the system meets the intended purpose of the system
a) Input
b) Output
c) Subsystem
d) Feedback

The exclusive right to manufacture and sell and a product
a) Innovation
b) Model
c) Franchise
d) Patent

To ensure the maximum benefit of the system or product and efficiency in the system or product is who's goal
a) Management
b) Production
c) Processes
d) Technology

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