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Which statement about all living organisms is true?
a) They have limbs
b) They produce their own food
c) They breathe air
d) They have at least one cell

Which of the following represents the smallest level of organization in the body?
a) cardiac muscle tissue
b) the heart
c) a muscle cell
d) the circulatory system

Which must be present in order for something to be classified as an organism?
a) nucleus
b) organ
c) cell
d) organelle

An organism such as a nematode worm may have only 1000 cells. It should be classified as being which of the following?
a) a virus
b) a bacteria
c) unicellular
d) multicellular

Complex organisms require a large number of cells that?
a) are specialized and work together
b) resist being attacked by viruses and bacteria
c) will keep the organism warm
d) can retain more water than a small number of cells

Which of the following do some protists use to move around?
a) muscles
b) flagella
c) tentacles
d) contractile vacuole

Which characteristic do volvox and euglena share?
a) they both have eyespots
b) they both use flagella to move
c) they both have eye spots and use flagella to move
d) they have neither eye spots nor flagella

A group of cells that perform a similar function is called a?
a) cell wall
b) organ
c) tissue
d) cell

Which of the following is the fundamental unit of life?
a) system
b) organ
c) tissue
d) cell

Which term is given to a projection of cytoplasm, or false foot, used by an amoeba for feeding and movement?
a) trichocysta
b) flagellum
c) cilia
d) pseudopod

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