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The best indicator of an area's ancient environmental conditions and climates would be
a) present plant and animal life
b) amount of carbon-14 found in sedimentary layers
c) banding patterns of metamorphosed rocks
d) type and distribution of fossils

What statement about the species of animals and plants that lived on Earth in the the past is best supported by the fossil record?
a) Most lived on land.
b) Most appeared during the Cambrian Period.
c) Most became extinct.
d) Most were perserved in metamorphic rock.

Which event occured at the start of the Mesozoic Era?
a) the appearance of the reptile
b) the appearance of the dinosaur
c) the extinction of the mastodont
d) the extinction of the armored fishes

Studies of the rock record suggest that
a) humans first appeared at the time of the intrusion of the Palisades sill
b) the earliest humans lived at the same time as the dinosaurs
c) the period during which humans have existed is very brief compared to geologic time
d) evidence of the existence of humans is present over much of the geologic past

Why are radioactive materials useful for measuring geologic time?
a) The ratio of decay products to undecayed material remains constant in sedimentary rocks.
b) Measurable samples of radioactive materials are easily collected from most rock types.
c) The half-lives of most radioactive materials are less than five minutes.
d) The disintegration of radioactive materials occurs at a predictable rate.

The fossil record provides evidence that primitive humans were alive on Earth at the same time as the
a) dinosaurs
b) mammoths
c) armored fish
d) earliest birds

Shark and coral fossils are found in the rock record of certain land areas. What does the presence of these fossils indicate about those areas?
a) They were once covered by shallow seas.
b) They were once covered by thick vegetation.
c) They have undergone intense metamorphism.
d) They have undergone glacial deposition.

Most water vapor enters the atmosphere by the processes of
a) radiation and condensation
b) absorption and infiltration
c) evaporation and transpiration
d) conduction and convection

Which gas in the atmosphere has the most influence on day-to-day weather changes?
a) water vapor
b) carbon dioxide
c) ozone
d) oxygen

Which type of air mass contains the most moisture?
a) cT
b) mT
c) mP
d) cP

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