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What type of research is intended to obtain detailed data about customers' opinions and experiences?
a) Sampling
b) qualitative
c) observation
d) forecasting

A university is considering changes to its business administration degree. To obtain feedback on the idea from students, the university selects a sample of business majors who are seniors. What type of sampling did the university use?
a) Cluster
b) proportionate
c) stratified random
d) simple

What is an example of a secondary source of data that a business can obtain internally?
a) Trade journal
b) sales report
c) government website
d) magazine article

What research option usually answers questions related to how many?
a) Intelligence
b) quantitive
c) syndicated
d) economic

Which of the following is a characteristic of unstructured observation:
a) Often records a variety of behaviors
b) Uses standard checklists to document behavior
c) Requires the use of surveillance equipment
d) Most often limits observer with specific guidelines

What is an example of a marketing-research method that is used to collect primary data?
a) Customer survey
b) census data
c) trade-journal article
d) external reports

What is the advantage in using personal interviews to collect marketing data?
a) Biased interviewer
b) Slow collection rate
c) Limited interaction
d) High flexibility

What data-collection method can be used to obtain product information during the point-of-purchase process?
a) Volume-tracking scanner
b) Photographic scanner
c) E-mail survey
d) Statistical survey

What is the most appropriate data-collection method to use when a business wants to determine how its employees interact with customers?
a) Experiment
b) observational
c) employee survey
d) telephone interview

What is a common method of collecting research data that often involves the use of questionnaires?
a) Case study
b) mail survey
c) message board
d) behavior chart

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