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Which situation is an example of SUGGING?
a) A salesperson offers a customer the opportunity to try an expensive product free of charge
b) A telemarketer asks a customer if s/he knows anyone who would want to buy a certain product
c) A marketer tells a customer that s/he is conducting research and then begins a sales pitch
d) A business promotes a product by sending samples to its customers without authorization

How could a business use marketing-research data it has gathered about the average age, income, educational levels, and spending patterns of area consumers?
a) To identify problems within the business
b) To create a mailing list for the business
c) To develop a profile of the typical customer
d) To establish an appropriate operating budget

Which statement about marketing research problems is true?
a) Problems that company decision-makers identify are often just symptoms of larger problems that need to be researched
b) Company decision-makers typically finalize marketing research problems prior to involving marketing researchers
c) Marketing research problems are commonly based on specific research objectives and research instruments.
d) Marketing research problems are usually only needed when marketing researchers plan to gather external information

What is a benefit of having managers and researchers on the same page about the marketing-research problem?
a) It allows the two parties to avoid establishing research objectives.
b) It keeps the business from wasting resources.
c) It ensures favorable results from the study.
d) It improves the business's market share

What is the most significant reason why marketing research is important to businesses?
a) It makes competitors take notice of the business.
b) It improves financial management
c) It contributes to business success.
d) It helps the business to base decisions on opinions.

What is an advantage of using secondary data in a marketing-research project?
a) Less expensive to collect than primary data
b) More up-to-date than primary data
c) Less likely to be available to competitors
d) More relevant than primary data

When marketers sampled 100 15-year-old girls, they found that they all were 5 feet 2 inches tall. What type of sampling error contributed to this finding
a) Non-response
b) Interviewer bias
c) Chance
d) The way the question was asked

What question does establishing a sampling plan for a research project answer?
a) What type of product to study
b) How many people to survey
c) When to conduct an interview
d) Why the issue is important

What research approach do businesses often use to test new product ideas?
a) Questioning
b) technological
c) recording
d) experimental

The TUV Company wants to conduct marketing research by surveying a sample of its vast customer base. What should companies use to reduce the possibility of bias?
a) Personal interviews
b) telephone interviews
c) referral sampling
d) random sampling

What type of research would a business conduct if it wanted to identify potential issues or opportunities?
a) Descriptive
b) experimental
c) exploratory
d) casual

A business has identified a sample of the population that it plans to survey to determine who is using their product in a foreign country. What research design should it use?
a) Exploratory
b) casual
c) descriptive
d) experimental

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