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Which of the following is the most appropriate unit for determining the volume of a glass of water?
a) liter
b) milliter
c) gram
d) millimeter

Which scientific equipment would be the most appropriate for determining the mass of a book?
a) meter stick
b) stopwatch
c) graduated cylinder
d) balance

Which of the following is a good way to analyze data?
a) organize it into charts and graphs and do calculations if necessary
b) check it over and then copy it
c) put it away for a few months to see if it makes more sense later
d) try to find some way to make it support your hypothesis

Before asking questions, what is a scientist likely to do?
a) make answers that work
b) make necessary measurements
c) make observations
d) make calculations

What are scientific methods?
a) the steps scientists use to answer questions and solve problems
b) the steps scientists use to look up the answers to questions
c) the steps scientists use to insure successful experiments
d) the steps scientists use to answer questions and cause problems

What must you find out after conducting an experiment and collecting data?
a) if the answers are right
b) if the results support your hypothesis
c) if the answers can be corrected
d) if the results can be changed

Why is the International System of Units important?
a) It is based on the number 10, and is used by most scientists.
b) It is easy to use, and scientists can keep data confidential with it.
c) It is only used by countries competing for scientific knowledge.
d) It helps to promote good relations among countries of the world.

Measuring something is one way of
a) analyzing results
b) making a model
c) collecting data
d) conducting experiments safely

A hypotheis is sometimes referred to as an educated guess. Why is that not an appropriate definition?
a) That is not an appropriate definition because a hypothesis is a series of steps scientist use to solve problems.
b) That is not an appropriate definition because a hypothesis is not a guess but rather a prediction based on research and
c) That is not an appropriate definition because a hypothesis is the data you collect in an experiment.
d) There is nothing wrong with that definition. A hypothesis IS a guess!

Which would be the best tool to measure the mass of an elephant?
a) graduated cylinder
b) meter stick
c) spring scale
d) balance

Which unit is most appropriate to measure the time to blink your eye?
a) milligrams
b) milliseconds
c) milliliters
d) millimeters

Food is an example of
a) thermal energy
b) chemical energy
c) nuclear energy
d) mechanical energy

A lightbulb is an example of
a) nuclear energy
b) mechanical energy
c) chemical energy
d) electromagnetic energy

Potential energy is
a) energy in motion
b) energy of heat
c) energy at rest
d) energy in the nucleus of atoms

Talking is an example of
a) mechanical energy
b) thermal energy
c) chemical energy
d) electromagnetic energy

Energy cannot be created or destroyed is
a) Newton's 2nd Law of motion
b) Pascal's principle
c) Law of gravity
d) Law of Conservation of Energy

A football flying through the air has
a) electromagnetic energy
b) kinetic energy
c) potential energy
d) chemical energy

As a car speeds up, it ____________ increases.
a) potential energy
b) chemical energy
c) kinetic energy
d) nuclear energy

Which has the most potential energy?
a) A rock on the ocean floor.
b) A rock on a mountain.
c) A rock on the beach.
d) A rock on a table.

The highest point of a roller coaster has
a) The greatest amount of kinetic energy.
b) The greatest amount of potential energy.
c) The greatest amount of chemical energy.
d) The greatest amount of electromagnetic energy.

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