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Compared to the velocity of an earthquakes's P-waves, the velocity of the S-waves in the same material is
a) less
b) greater
c) the same

Wheich features are commolnly formed at the plate boundaries where continental crust converges with ocianic crust?
a) long chains of mid-ocean volcanic islands perpendicular to the coast
b) large volcanic mountain ranges paraleel to the coast at the center of the continents
c) an underwater volcanic mountain range and rift valley on the ocean ridge near the coast
d) a deep ocean trench and a continental volcanic mountain range near the coast

Which statement best supports the theory taht all the continents were once a single land mass?
a) Great thicknesses of shallow-water sediments are found at interior locations on some continents.
b) Rock and fossil correlation can be made where the continents appear to fit together.
c) Marine fossils can be found at high elevations above sea level on all continents.
d) Rocks of the ocean ridges are older than those of the adjacent sea floor.

Waht usually causes tsunamis?
a) hurricanes
b) high pressure weather systems
c) the collision of ocean currents
d) undersea earthquakes

Unless a series of sedimentary rock layers has been overturned, the bottom layer usually
a) has the finest texture
b) contains fossils
c) is the oldest
d) contains the greatest variety of minerals

Which seismic information is needed to find the distance from an observer to an earthquake epicenter?
a) P wave and S wave arrival times
b) depth of the earthquake
c) P wave and S wave refractions
d) origin time of the earthquake

Compared to the continental crust of central North America, the oceanic crust of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is
a) thicker
b) younger
c) less dense
d) more felsic

What do mid-ocean ridges and hot spots beneath ocean plate have in common?
a) They are located along crustal plate boundaries
b) Neither is associated with plate motions
c) Local earthquakes originate at great depths
d) Rising magma moves due to density differences

Scientists have classified Earth interior into the zones shown based primarily on evidence gained by studying
a) volcanic eruptions
b) deep drill cores
c) gravity measurements
d) earthquake seismic waves

What characteristics of fossiles are most useful in correlating sedmentary rock layers?
a) limited georgraphic distribution and limited to a particular rock formation
b) limited geographic distribution but found in many rock formations
c) wide geographic distribution and found in many rock formations
d) wide geographic distribution but limited to a particular rock formation

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