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in summer some animals enter a slowdown mode to survive the weather and lack of food
a) Estivation
b) Pheromones
c) Migration
d) Hibernation

ways animals use to protect themselves
a) Defensive actions
b) Pheromones
c) Marking Territory
d) Estivation

_____________ are chemicals animals use to communicate.
a) pheromones
b) embryos
c) circadians
d) innates

Most of the animals on the planet are
a) invertebrates
b) vertebrates
c) predators
d) fish

some animals change their physical appearance due to growth and development or changing of seasons
a) Finding Food
b) Cycle of change
c) Marking Territory
d) Parenting

When animals claim an area through leaving signs such as scents they are
a) Marking territory
b) Estivating
c) Migrating
d) Using defensive actions

When animals take care of their offspring and teach them how to survive it's called
a) Parenting
b) Estivation
c) Migration
d) Courtship

Like cells are grouped into specialized
a) tissues
b) herds
c) prides
d) organs

A group of tissues that performs a specific function for an organism
a) organ
b) cell
c) embryo
d) sperm

Animals depend on this for their social interactions.
a) competition
b) communication
c) sight
d) sound

What is it called when animals interact with each other?
a) social behavior
b) courtship
c) migration
d) language

Which of the following is a characteristic that nearly all animals share?
a) They move
b) They communicate through touch
c) They care for their young until adulthood
d) All of the above

Which of the following is NOT true of nearly all animals?
a) They are made up of many cells
b) They give birth to live young
c) They have many specialized parts
d) They are comprised of multiple cells

Which of the following is NOT true of nearly all animals?
a) Their offspring develop through the joining of egg and sperm
b) They are consumers
c) They have fur
d) They move

An animal that is classified as an invertebrate
a) does not have a backbone
b) has more than four legs
c) has a backbone
d) gives birth to live young

An animal that has a back bone is called
a) an invertebrate
b) a vertebrate
c) a mammal
d) an embryo

Which of the following is NOT an animal?
a) a catfish
b) Mr. Ziller
c) a dung beetle
d) a paramecium

some groups of animals move to a different area because of harsh weather and lack of resources
a) Migration
b) Estivation
c) Defensive actions
d) Hibernation

when animals are ready to mate they have ways of attracting a mate
a) Courtship
b) Cycle of change
c) Estivation
d) Migration

in winter some animals enter a slowdown mode to survive the weather and lack of food
a) Hibernation
b) Estivation
c) Defensive actions
d) Courtship

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