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The speakers below are discussing foreign policies that the United States has followed at various times. Which speakers would most likely support a United States foreign policy of intervention?
a) Steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.
b) The United States will give economic aid to needy countries anywhere in the world, but will not provide military aid.
c) It is reckless to impose our political and economic ideas on other nations that have different and complex cultures
d) The United States can take over other countries to help them become more like us.

In the late 1800s, the United States became an imperialist nation when it
a) acquired overseas territories
b) declared its neutrality
c) formed military alliances
d) reduced trade with other nations

“But today we are raising more than we can consume. Today we are making more than we can use. ..we must find new markets for our produce'' ---This statement provides a reason why political leaders of the late 1800s adopted the policy of
a) imperialism
b) isolationism
c) protectionism
d) collective security

The establishment of the Open Door policy (1899–1900) and the response to the Boxer Rebellion (1900) showed that the United States wanted to
a) curb Russian expansion
b) gain access to Chinese markets
c) build factories in the Far East
d) limit Asian immigration to the United States

These 1898 newspaper headline ''Spanish ships on our coasts1'' ...''died in fold of old glory!'' ---The purpose of these headlines was to build public support for
a) efforts to defend the Panama Canal
b) the annexation of Cuba
c) an end to the policy of imperialism
d) the war against Spain

These 1898 newspaper headline ''Spanish ships on our coasts1'' ...''died in fold of old glory!'' are best understood as an example of
a) political advertising
b) yellow journalism
c) public opinion polling
d) isolationist policies

A major reason for Commodore Matthew Perry’s 1854 visit to Japan was to
a) prevent Japanese domination of the Pacific region
b) open United States trade relations with Japan
c) encourage immigration from Japan
d) establish a naval base in Japan

President Theodore Roosevelt strengthened the Monroe Doctrine by establishing the policy that the United States would
a) require Latin American nations to end trade with Europe
b) reduce Asian influence in Latin America
c) intervene in Latin America to prevent European interference
d) develop military alliances with Pacific naval powers

A major result of the Spanish-American War (1898) was that the United States
a) adopted a policy of isolationism
b) assumed a more prominent role in world affairs
c) gave up control of territories outside the Western Hemisphere
d) increased foreign aid to European allies

In 1823, the Monroe Doctrine was established mainly because the United States wanted to
a) keep control of Alaska and Hawaii
b) establish more colonies in Latin America
c) support England’s attempt to keep its empire in Central America
d) warn Europe against any further colonization in Latin America

Which statement best describes President Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy position toward Latin America in the early 1900’s?
a) The United States should reduce its involvement in Latin American affairs.
b) The Monroe Doctrine permits the United States to intervene actively in the affairs of Latin American nations.
c) Latin American nations should form an organization to help them achieve political and economic stability.
d) The United States should give large amounts of financial aid to help the poor of Latin America

The Monroe Doctrine declared that the United States would
a) prevent the establishment of new European colonies anywhere in the world
b) help colonies in North and South America adopt a democratic form of government
c) view European interference in the Americas as a threat to the national interest of the United States
d) prevent other nations from trading with South American nations

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