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The 1960's saw the reformation of this violent organization in Mississippi.
a) Black Panthers
b) Knights Templar
c) Free Masons
d) Ku Klux Klan

These types of buildings were burned in large numbers during the 1960's.
a) Churches
b) Hospitals
c) Schools
d) Town Halls

Cities like Columbus and Meridian, saw the building of these facilities for young people.
a) Athletic gyms
b) Freedom Schools
c) Swimming pools
d) Town halls

Hundreds of college students showed up in Mississippi to conduct Freedom Schools and _____________.
a) voter registration
b) prisoner rehab
c) intimidation training
d) medical clinics

With the election of Governor Johnson, he declared this was over in Mississippi?
a) integration
b) school consolidation
c) racism
d) agriculture

What year was Beckwith convicted?
a) 1963
b) 1965
c) 1975
d) 1994

What was the name of the attorney that got Beckwith convicted?
a) Ted Kennedy
b) Bobby Delaughter
c) James Meredith
d) Ross Johnson

What time of the year in 1964 did the civil rights movement hit is peak?
a) Summer
b) Spring
c) Winter
d) Fall

This newspaper was very negative towards the ideas of Civil Rights for blacks.
a) Commercial Dispatch
b) Daily Journal
c) Jackson Times
d) Clarion-Ledger

Beckwith was convicted of murder during his ____ trial.
a) first
b) second
c) third
d) fourth

Who was arrested for the murder of Medgar Evers?
a) James Meredith
b) Ross Barnett
c) Byron de la Beckwith
d) Eddie Ray Killins

What occurred on June 12, 1963?
a) James Meredith is admitted to college
b) Dr. King gives his I have a Dream speech
c) Medgar Evers is killed
d) Lyndon Johnson signs the Civil Rights amendments

James Meredith broke the color barrier at this university
a) Mississippi State University
b) University of Mississippi
c) Mississippi College
d) Delta State University

This man took a job with the NAACP when he was denied admittance into Ole Miss.
a) James Meredith
b) Medgar Evers
c) Harry Murphy
d) Martin King

Why was Harry Murphy allowed to attend Ole Miss, even though he was black?
a) he looked white
b) he was handicapped
c) he was a genius
d) he was wealthy

The issues of civil rights helped get this man elected to the presidency.
a) Johnson
b) Nixon
c) Kennedy
d) Ford

The governor that promised to keep Mississippi segregated was.
a) Bilbo
b) Johnson
c) Whitfield
d) Barnett

Many blacks looked around Mississippi and saw this as their only means to equality
a) hard work
b) college education
c) violence
d) protests

Senator Bilbo instructed racist Mississippians to visit blacks:
a) at night
b) in the morning
c) in the afternoon
d) at dawn

What city saw the killing of three civil rights workers in Mississippi during 1964?
a) Columbus
b) Meridian
c) Philadelphia
d) Starkville

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