Final Exam Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 2251)

Review For Earth Science Final Exam.

A mafic igneous rock is most likely to be relatively
a) high in density and light in color
b) high in density and dark in color
c) low in density and dark in color
d) low in density and light in color

Which is a characteristic of igneous rocks with high denstity?
a) They contain iron.
b) They are felsic.
c) They are light in color.
d) They have a high aluminum content.

Most igneous rocks form by which process?
a) heat and pressure
b) erosion and depostion
c) compaction and cementation
d) melting and solidification

Minerals are identified on the basis of
a) theri physical and chemical properties
b) the type of rock in which they are found
c) the size of their crystals
d) the method by which they were formed

Which feature is characteristic of sedimentary rocks?
a) distorted structure
b) foliation
c) glassy texture
d) layering

What do most igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks have in common?
a) They exhibit crystals, banding and distinct layers.
b) They are formed from molten material.
c) They are composed of minerals.
d) They are produced by heat and pressure.

Large crystals from an igneous rock most likely form as a result of the
a) mineral composition of the magma
b) cooling rate of the magma
c) color of the rock
d) fossil content of the rock

Rocks can be classified as sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic based primarily on differences in their
a) density
b) origin
c) age
d) color

In which part of the Earth are felsic rocks most likely found?
a) oceanic crust
b) plastic mantle
c) rigid mantle
d) continental crust

What processes result in metamorphic rock?
a) erosion and deposition
b) compaction and cementation
c) heat and pressure
d) melting and solidification

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