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In the first half of the 19th century, a distinctly American voice emerged as the US reaffirmed its independence from Britain poltically and...
a) economically
b) socially
c) religiously
d) geographically

In 1812, simmering tensions neyween the US and Britain erupted in a __-year war.
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

Which of the following was NOT a negative effect of industrialization?
a) the comercialism
b) hectic pace
c) lack of conscience
d) turning to nature and to the self for simplicity, truth, and beauty

As European settlers moved into new territory to make money and gain land, __ who had lived there for generations were displaced.
a) African-Americans
b) British people
c) Native Americans
d) immigrants

In the middle of the century, Americans embraced the idea of manifest destiny-a belief that the US was destined to expand to the Pacific Ocean and into __.
a) Mexican Territory
b) Canadian Territory
c) British Territory
d) Spanish Territory

The United States' annexation of __ from Mexico in 1845 set off the Mexican-American War (1846-1848).
a) Texas
b) New Mexico
c) Arizona
d) California

Romantics were inspired by __ and celebrated the individual human spirit, including the emotions and imagination.
a) nature
b) education
c) love
d) religion

Ralph Waldo Emerson led a group focused on __--a philosophical and literary movement that emphasized living a simple life and celebrating the truth found in nature and in personal emotion an imagination.
a) transcendentalism
b) romanticism
c) enlightenment
d) Puritanism

Both __ and __ wrote poems that broke with the traditional conventions of poetic form and content.
a) Emerson and Whitman
b) Whitman and Dickinson
c) Dickinson and Emerson
d) Hawthorne and Emerson

Which of the following was NOT a brooding romantic or anti-transcendentalist?
a) Edgar Allan Poe
b) Nathaniel Hawthorne
c) Herman Melville
d) Ralph Waldo Emerson

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