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Self propelled device that carries its own fuel.
a) rocket
b) car
c) bike
d) plane

Objects at rest will stay at rest and objects in motion will stay in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an unbalanced forece
a) Newtons 3rd law
b) Newtons 1st law
c) Law of conservation of energy
d) Newtons 2nd law

The three forces that act upon a rocket in flight are?
a) weight, thrust and drag
b) weight, thrust and lift
c) thrust, drag and airflow
d) airflow,weight and thrust

Which type of airflow is desire for a rocket to achieve the most efficient flight performance?
a) ballast
b) gravity
c) turbulent airflow
d) laminar airflow

What are the four commonly recognized groups of rockets:
a) drag, sounding rockets, launch vehicles and thrusters
b) drag, sounding rockets, launch vehicles and missiles
c) missiles, sounding rockets, launch vehicles and thrusters
d) missiles, sounding rockets, launch vehicles and airplane

The most powerful group of rockets that send satellites into space
a) launch vehicle
b) thrusters
c) sounding rockets
d) missiles

The point on the rocket where all mass is concentrated
a) balance point
b) center of gravity
c) concentration
d) center of pressure

What kind of stability occurs when the center of gravity is behind the center of pressure
a) positive
b) neutral
c) predictable
d) negative

Rockets that can travel long distances and can carry huge payloads
a) chemical rockets
b) electric rockets
c) nuclear rockets
d) missiles

Adding a ballast to a rocket helps it overcome
a) gravity
b) air resistance
c) momentum
d) transition cone

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