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The power of a light bulb the converts electrical energy at a rate of 100 joules per second is
a) 100 watts.
b) 50 watts.
c) 40 watts.
d) 200 watts.

The fixed point that a lever pivots around is called the
a) pulley.
b) gear.
c) fulcrum.
d) axle.

Which of these is an example of a third-class lever?
a) fishing pole
b) scissors.
c) nutcracker.
d) pliers.

An ideal machine would have an efficiency of
a) 1 %.
b) 10%.
c) 50%.
d) 100%.

The mechanical advantage of a machine is the number of times a machine increases
a) the amount of friction.
b) the force exerted on the machine.
c) the distance an object is moved.
d) the change in direction.

Pulling down on a rope to hoist a sail on a sailboat is an example of a machine
a) multiplying the force you exert.
b) changing the direction over which a force is exerted.
c) reducing friction.
d) multiplying the distance over which a force is exerted.

Work is measured in
a) watts.
b) joules.
c) meters.
d) newtons.

A ramp is an example of a simple machine called a(n)
a) inclined plane.
b) wedge.
c) pulley.
d) lever.

In order to do work on an object, the force you exert must be
a) quick and deliberate.
b) in a direction opposite to Earth's gravitational force.
c) the maximum amount of force you are able to exert.
d) in the same direction as the object's motion.

What do machines do?
a) increase the amount of work that is done
b) decrease the amount of work that is done
c) makes work easier
d) eliminate friction

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