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The best graph to use to show percents as a whole is a
a) bar graph
b) circle graph
c) column graph
d) line graph

How do scientist investigate a problem in the real world?
a) They conduct online surveys.
b) They conduct field studies.
c) They use lab rats.
d) They watch reality tv.

The significant figures in a measurement include
a) the digits that have been measured exactly, plus one digit whose value has been estimated.
b) only the last digit in a measurement.
c) only the digits that have been measured exactly.
d) only the digit whose value has been estimated.

The closeness of a measurement to its true value is its
a) accuracy.
b) estimate.
c) significant figures.
d) precision.

What is a way of writing very large or small numbers that uses exponents?
a) graphs
b) data tables
c) scientific notation
d) significant figures

During an experiment, if you purposely change the temperature to test a hypothesis, the temperature is called the
a) dependent variable.
b) operational variable.
c) responding variable.
d) manipulated variable.

One useful tool that may help a scientist interpret data by revealing unexpected patterns is a
a) graph
b) law
c) theory
d) variable

Observations that deal with a number or amount are called
a) manipulated observations.
b) quantitative observations.
c) qualitative observations.
d) operational observations.

When smelling an odor from a chemical during an investigation, you should
a) waft.
b) blow your nose first.
c) take a big wiff.
d) dab some on your wrist before smelling it.

When scientists create a representation of a complex process, they are
a) predicting.
b) making models.
c) inferring.
d) classifying.

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