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In order to make observations, an observer must always use
a) mathematical calculations
b) proportions
c) the senses
d) experiments

An interpretation based on an observation is called
a) a classifications
b) an inference
c) a fact
d) a measurement

Which term represents a fundamental unit?
a) joule
b) newton
c) watt
d) meter

A student investigated the physical and chemical properties if an unknown gas and then identified the gas. Which statement represents a conclusion rather than an experimental observation?
a) The gas is colorless.
b) When the gas is bubbled into limewater, the liquid becomes cloudy.
c) The gas is carbon dioxide.
d) When placed in the gas, a flaming splint stops burning.

Any substance that has mass and takes up space is called
a) matter
b) solid
c) gas
d) energy

In which phase of matter are the molecules of a substance farthest apart from each other?
a) gas
b) liquid
c) solid
d) crystal

The nucleus is the part of the atom that
a) occupies most of the atom's volume.
b) contains most of the atom's total mass.
c) consists mostly of empty space.
d) has a negative charge.

Which material is a mixture?
a) methane
b) magnesium
c) water
d) air

All of the following are chemical changes, except
a) the digestion of food in your stomach.
b) the rusting of a car in a junk yard.
c) the burning of gasoline in a car.
d) the disolving of a sugar cube in a cup of coffee.

The elements on the Periodic Table are arranged in the horizontal rows according to each successive element's greater
a) number of protons
b) atomic radius
c) number of neutrons
d) atomic mass

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