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The sign language from this country has influenced more signed languages in the Western world than any other country.
a) United States
b) France
c) Italy
d) Sweden

What is the actual name of French Sign Language?
a) French Sign Language (FSL)
b) Langue des Signes Française (LSF)
c) Lingua dei Segni Italiana (LIS)
d) Deutsche Gebärdensprache (DGS)

Where was the first school for the Deaf in the world established?
a) Hartford, Connecticut
b) Washington, D.C.
c) Paris, France
d) Milan, Italy

Which type of situation can only be shown through a conditional clause?
a) Yes/No Question
b) Wh- Question
c) Rhetorical
d) Hypothetical

Which of the following is NOT needed when using a conditional clause?
a) Raised Eyebrows
b) Widened Eyes
c) Head Tilted Slightly
d) Wh-Face

Which of the following is NOT a time when you would use raised eyebrows?
a) Using a conditional clause.
b) Asking Yes/No questions.
c) Introducing a topic.
d) Asking Wh-Questions.

Which one of the following is NOT true about Andrew Foster?
a) He was the first African-American person to graduate from Gallaudet University.
b) He founded the Christian Ministry for Deaf Africans.
c) He is known as the 'Father of Deaf Education in Africa.'
d) He was one of the authors of A Journey into the Deaf-World.

Which one of the following is NOT a required part of an assimilative community?
a) A residential school.
b) Several generations of Deaf people.
c) A relatively high incidence of Deaf people.
d) Geographic isolation.

Which was a well-known assimilative community in Massachusetts in the 19th century?
a) Hopkins
b) Hartford
c) Martha's Vineyard
d) Boston

Which of the following is likely the oldest national Deaf organization in the world? (according to the text)
a) National Association for the Deaf
b) National Association of the Deaf
c) International Committee for Deaf Sports
d) Second International Congress on the Education of the Deaf

When describing rules, your tone could be on a continuum from _________ to ___________.
a) Diplomatic to Authoritative
b) Gentle to Harsh
c) Pleasing to Mean
d) Frozen to Intimate

This Deaf teacher from France helped establish the first school for the Deaf in the United States.
a) Thomas Gallaudet
b) Edward Miner Gallaudet
c) Laurent Clerc
d) Andrew Foster

This part of ASL is uses shoulder-shifting to estalish two concepts and then discuss their similarities/differences.
a) Listing and Ordering Technique
b) Noun-Verb Pair
c) Contrastive Structure
d) Spatial Visualization

At the time that your text was published, which country did not allow Deaf teachers to be employed by public schools?
a) United States
b) Sweden
c) France
d) Hartford

At the time that the text was published, which country did not have interpreters available to allow Deaf children to attend programs for hearing students?
a) France
b) Paris
c) United States
d) Sweden

In 1969, this country recognized the right of free interpreting services for Deaf people.
a) Sweden
b) United States
c) Burundi
d) France

When explaining rules, your tone depends on
a) your relationship with the person and the reason the rule is being stated.
b) if it's related to food and (more importantly) if it's related to chocolate.
c) if you are an authority figure and your typical tone.
d) your relationship with the person and that person's typical tone.

Which of the following does NOT have the same ASL sign as the others?

Which of the following should not be shown using CL:4?
a) Flat, wide surfaces.
b) Playing cards spread out in someone's hand.
c) Various hairstyles.
d) A line of people.

Which of the following does NOT have the same ASL sign as the others?

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