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Which of the following statements represents an inaccurate understanding of bailment relations?
a) the subject of bailment can be both personal and real property
b) both parties intend to return the goods
c) a transfer of temporary control takes place
d) a transfer of temporary possession takes place

Maurice is hired to work as a security guard at Coastline Computers where he guards the manufacturing and storage facility for Coastline's computers. Which of the following accurately reflects Maurice's relationship?
a) Maurice has custody of the computers and is not a bailee
b) Maurice is a bailor
c) Coastline is a bailee
d) none of these

A test for distinguishing real and personal property is
a) all of these
b) attachment
c) adaptation
d) mobility

Jamika owns a home and land in which she raises maple trees. The sap from these trees is periodically extracted and sold for maple syrup but the trees remain unharvested. Which of the following is true?
a) The home and the trees themselves are both considered real property.
b) The home is real property but the trees are personal property
c) The home and the sap from the trees are both considered real property
d) The home and the sap are both considered personal property

Gabe purchases a piece of land in Texas. His neighbor, Emil, begins drilling for natural gas. After several months, Emil is able to extract gas but the pool of gas extends under both pieces of property. Emil would own these gases because of the
a) doctrine of capture
b) doctrine of eminent domain
c) doctrine of abutment
d) doctrine of adverse possession

A notice of termination is required for
a) periodic tenancy
b) tenancy for years
c) tenancy at will
d) all of these

If a lease is for a period of ten months, it is
a) a tenancy for years
b) a periodic tenancy
c) a tenancy for month to month
d) a tenancy at will

The leasehold estate that can be terminated at any time is
a) tenancy at sufferance
b) period tenancy
c) tenancy for month to month
d) tenancy for years

When a tenant transfers the entire interest in the lease to a third person,
a) all of these
b) an assignment of a lease takes place
c) the new tenant is liable for the conditions oft the lease
d) the original tenant remains liable for the conditions of the lease

Duties of the tenant do not include
a) replacing the roof
b) paying rent on time
c) making minor repairs
d) general maintenance of the property

A landlord may evict a tenant
a) if the tenant fails to pay rent
b) if the tenant has failed to make minor repairs
c) if the tenant is not staying on the premises even though the rent has been paid
d) if the landlord has a better offer of rent

The implied warranty of habitability is the responsibility of the
a) Fair Housing Act
b) landlord
c) tenant
d) community

Landlords can be held liable for
a) all of these
b) injuries due to faulty conditions of the common areas
c) injuries resulting from defective concealed conditions within the tenant's exclusive possession
d) discrimination

At the end of his one-year lease, Tony continued to occupy his apartment and failed to procure another lease. What type of tenancy does Tony have?
a) tenancy at sufferance
b) none
c) tenancy at will
d) tenancy from month to month

When an insurance company makes payment for a loss to a suffering party, the insurance company is said to
a) idemnify the loss
b) endorse the loss
c) benefit the loss
d) none of these

The stated maximum amount of money that can be paid on an insurance policy is the
a) face value
b) premium
c) endorsement
d) benefit

The type of insurance that covers structural loss due to rain, hail, earthquake, and windstorm is
a) fire
b) fidelity
c) inland marine
d) social

The type of insurance that covers automobile, burglary, disability, and liability would be
a) casualty
b) fidelity
c) inland marine
d) social

Insurance providing protection against claims of parties who suffer injury or other loss as a result of negligence committed by the insured would be
a) liability
b) fidelity
c) inland marine
d) social

Automobile insurance coverage indemnifying insureds for damage to their own vehicles is
a) both collision and comprehensive
b) collision
c) comprehensive
d) none of these

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