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Both modern humans and ancestors of modern humans are called
a) Neanderthals
b) Nomads
c) Hominids
d) elves

A worker who is especially skilled at crafting items by hand is called a
a) archaeologist
b) nomad
c) hominid
d) artisan

People who pass stories by word of mouth from generation to generation have a(n)
a) oral tradition
b) written tradition
c) social class
d) civilization

The period of time in the past before writing was invented is called
a) History
b) Prehistory
c) Old Stone Age
d) Bronze Age

During the Old Stone Age people got their food by
a) trading
b) hunting and gathering
c) storing surplus food
d) herding animals

Having surplus food was a factor that led to
a) the rise of nomadic life
b) rapid population growth
c) the rise of smaller families
d) the start of the Old Stone Age

Scientists learned more about the Iceman's life by studying
a) his clothing, tools, and body
b) the written records of his people
c) his oral traditions
d) the geography of Asia

A person who has no settled home is known as a
a) archeologist
b) nomad
c) artisan
d) hominid

The Ancient people used a system of watering crops during the dry summer months is known as
a) domestication
b) cultivation
c) irrigation

During the period of prehistory, people developed the ability to
a) use fire
b) write
c) make tools of iron
d) hunt alone

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