WWII EUROPE 1918-1941 Question Preview (ID: 2249)

WWII EUROPE 1918-1941.

The earliest originator of the concept and practice of fascism was
a) Benito Mussolini
b) Adolph Hitler
c) General Francisco Franco.
d) Joseph Stalin

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf
a) during World War I.
b) before the Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.
c) while in jail after the failed Beer Hall Putsch.
d) during the early years of the Great Depression.

The Nuremberg Laws established the
a) Nazi renunciation of all anti-Semitic policies in Germany.
b) ethnic racial homogeneity of Nazi Germany by expelling all Asians.
c) Hitlers Final Solution and the Wansee Conference
d) official detachment of Germany's Jews from the rest of the nation's population

Mussolini intended to gain more land for Italy in
a) Africa
b) France
c) Germany
d) Spain

Which of the following acts by Hitler did not constitute a violation of the Versailles Treaty?
a) the creation of a new German air force
b) the introduction of a military draft that would expand Germany's army
c) the abolition of political parties
d) the German remilitarization of the Rhineland

At the Munich Conference of 1938
a) the British prime minister refused to agree to the demands of Adolf Hitler.
b) the British and the French representatives handed Adolf Hitler the Sudetenland.
c) the policy of appeasement successfully put a stop to German expansion in Europe.
d) eventual Nazi control of all of Czechoslovakia was avoided.

The German invasion of Poland in September 1939 was facilitated by Hitler's nonaggression pact with
a) Churchill's Great Britain
b) Mussolini's Italy.
c) Stalin's Soviet Union.
d) Petain's France.

After Hitler occupied most of France, the remainder of the country became
a) Vichy France under Marshal Henri Petain.
b) Free France under Charles de Gaulle.
c) Communist France under Mendez France.
d) Republican France under Georges Clemenceau.

Which two countries were the first to declare war on Germany?
a) Italy and Greece
b) Norway and Denmark
c) Britain and France
d) The United States and the USSR

Overall, the Battle of Britain is considered to be
a) A victory for Germany
b) A victory for Britain
c) A victory for Scotland
d) A minor conflict

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