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What major sea dominated the Greek world?
a) Altantic Ocean
b) Mediterranean Sea
c) Red Sea

Who was the first group to start major trading in Greece?
a) Egyptians
b) Chinese
c) Minoans
d) Mesopotamians

Greece has many natural harbors. Why?
a) Greece is a Peninsula
b) People like to fish
c) Greece is an island

Why did Greeks travel mainly by water?
a) The Greeks prefered boats
b) The mountains made inland travel too difficult.
c) The Greeks didn't know how else to travel.

What main resources did Greeks have to trade?
a) Olive oil and slaves
b) Gold and wool
c) Wool and olive oil

Giving up one thing to have another is called what?
a) Scarcity
b) Oppurtunity Cost
c) Import
d) Export

Lack of needed resources is called
a) Scarcity
b) Oppurtunity Cost
c) Import
d) Export

Polis means
a) a high hill
b) colony
c) city-state
d) Greek

City-states developed ________ along trade routes in order to control resources.
a) Agora
b) Colony
c) city-state
d) Greek words

Greeks were proctected from invaders because:
a) They are a peninsula
b) They are on an island
c) They had mountains that were hard to pass
d) They had natural harbors

Mountains helped the Greeks by
a) protecting them and providing seafood for them
b) protecting them and providing fresh water
c) providing seafood for them and natural harbors
d) providing seafood for them and snow for them

On a timeline, the first event always appears
a) last on a timeline.
b) first on a timeline.
c) in the middle of a timeline.
d) nowhere on a timeline.

Greece is a peninsula,this helps Greece because
a) It provides mountains
b) It provides a good source of food
c) It provides protection from invaders
d) It gives them shelter to live in

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