Semester 1 Review B Question Preview (ID: 22480)


Why would Patrick Henry believe that if States surrender (give up) power the government would be too powerful?
a) He was an Anti-Federalist
b) He was a Judge
c) He was a Federalist
d) He was a High School Principal

Why did John Paul Jones receive the Congressional Medal of Honor during the Revolutionary War?
a) He could run really fast
b) He beat the Indians at the Battle of Norway
c) Commanded a victory at sea against the British Navy
d) He helped raise taxes

Political Parties in the US were established because of differences between
a) Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. Leanos
b) Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton
c) John Adams and James Madison
d) George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

Which of the following did not occur during the Revolutionary era?
a) Intolerable Acts imposed
b) Thomas Paine's Common Sense published
c) Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity
d) First Continental Congress convened (meets)

Which of these does NOT protect States Rights?
a) Approval of the Articles of Confederation
b) Theory of Nullification
c) War of 1812
d) Secession of Southern States

What did the Cherokee do about the Indian Removal Act?
a) They took them to the Supreme Court
b) They went to war
c) They invited them for a BBQ
d) They moved out of Georgia

Why did Andrew Jackson not like the 2nd Bank of the United States?
a) He owed money
b) The US was losing money
c) The bank had too much power over the economy
d) Not enough tariffs were being charged

Why did so many people move to California in the 1940's?
a) Spices
b) Getting away from school
c) Silver
d) Gold

What was the cause for the US / Mexico War?
a) Tacos were too expensive
b) Border dispute
c) Gold was discovered
d) Benedict Arnold attacks Austin

What did Andrew Jackson being elected as President mean to the people?
a) He loved life
b) He was a good guy
c) They got jobs
d) Washington DC became property of the 'Common Man'

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