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What was the movement to establish a Jewish homeland or country called?
a) The Diaspora
b) Zionism
c) Manifest Destiny
d) Anti-Semitism

How did the Arabs feel about Israel?
a) They denied its right to exist
b) They happily moved to give them room
c) They accepted the U.N. decision to create Israel in Palestine
d) They helped plan out the location for the Modern State of Israel

What two groups fight over the leadership of Islam?
a) Jews and Arabs
b) Persians and Kurds
c) Palestinians and Arabs
d) Sunni and Shia

What country did the U.S. fear was building WMDs?
a) Iran
b) Iraq
c) Kuwait
d) Saudi Arabia

What was the lasting impact of the European involvement in the Middle East after WWI?
a) A big increase in the number of democratic countries
b) Artificial borders were created that didn't consdier political and historical connections
c) A large migration of Eurpeans to the Middle East area
d) A large migration of Middle Eastern peoples to the continent of Europe

Who was the President when Bin Laden was killed?
a) George W Bush
b) Barack Obama
c) John F Kennedy
d) Richard Nixon

Who redrew the map of the Middle East without caring about the groups who lived there?
a) Germany and Turkey
b) Britain and France
c) Iran and Iraq
d) The United States

Who was Saddam Hussein?
a) King of Saudi Arabia
b) Israel's Prime Minister
c) Supreme Leader of Iran
d) Dictator of Iraq

Who was the President during the terrorist attacks against the U.S.?
a) George W Bush
b) Barack Obama
c) John F Kennedy
d) Richard Nixon

What two groups have fought for years over religious differences?
a) Kurds and Arabs
b) Persian and Kurds
c) Jews and Arabs
d) Palestinians and Kurds

What is the belief that Jews are inferior called? (Hint: hatred of the Jews is another way to say this)
a) Zionism
b) Anti-Semitism
c) Diaspora
d) Manifest Destiny

What is NOT a piece of land that Israel holds that the Palestinian Arabs dispute?
a) Sinai Peninsula
b) West Bank
c) Golan Heights
d) Gaza Strip

Which U.S. led war was the result of Iraq invading Kuwait?
a) World War II
b) The Persian Gulf War
c) The Afghan War
d) Vietnam War

Who was defeated in WWI and divided up?
a) The Roman Empire
b) The Ottoman Empire
c) The Persian Empire
d) The Empire of Japan

What country did Iraq invade in 1990?
a) The United States
b) Turkey
c) Iran
d) Kuwait

Someone who flees their home because of a disaster or a war
a) An imigrant
b) An illegal alien
c) A refugee
d) A deserter

What group created the Modern State of Israel?
a) League of Nations
c) The United Nations (U.N.)
d) Britain and France

What was the death of millions of Jews and other minorities in Europe called?
a) The Holocaust
b) The Diaspora
c) Zionism
d) Manifest Destiny

What was the name of the radical Muslim group that controlled Afghanistan?
a) Al Qaeda
c) The Taliban
d) Republican Guard

What is the biggest religious issue between the Arabs and the Jews?
a) Who should be the supreme leader of Iran
b) Who should be the leader of Islam
c) Who was promised the land by God
d) Who was the patriarch of the western religions

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