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Where does conception and fertilization take place?
a) Fallopian Tubes
b) Uterus
c) Ovary
d) Cervix

When is a baby considered to be full term?
a) 40 weeks
b) 7 months
c) 37 weeks

How many sperm cells make it into the egg cell
a) 2
b) 1
c) Depends on if there are twins

Where does the baby grown and develop?
a) Fallopian Tubes
b) Vaginal Opening
c) Uterus
d) Urethra

What is the only 100% guarantee way for a female to not get pregnant?
a) For her to take go to the doctor
b) For her to be abstinent
c) For her to be too old to get pregnant

At the end of the 8th week or the 2nd month, the embryo is now referred to as a(n)
a) Embryo
b) Fetus
c) Baby
d) Infant

What is the hormone that a women can test to see if she is pregnant?
a) Estrogen
b) Progesterone
c) Testosterone
d) HCG

Cells begin to divide after conception, this process is called
a) Implantation
b) Mitosis
c) Fertilization
d) Ovulation

The joining of a sperm cell and an egg cell to form one cell is called a(n)
a) Fertilized egg
b) Mitosis
c) Zygote
d) Embryo

This connects the placenta to the fetus, and allows nutrients to be carried to the fetus
a) Placenta
b) Amniotic Sac
c) Umbilical cord

In what month do the heart, blood vessels, lungs, brain and spinal cord develop?
a) 1st month
b) 2nd month
c) 3rd month
d) 4th month

This fluid structure cushions the baby during pregnancy and provides a steady temprature
a) Placenta
b) Umbilical cord
c) amniotic sac

What what month can you find out if the baby is a boy or a girl?
a) 3rd month
b) 2nd month
c) 4th month
d) 5th month

In the first stage of birth when the muscles of the uterus contract and release
a) Cramping
b) Water Breaking
c) Contractions
d) Dilation

What is it called if the baby comes out feet first?
a) C section
b) Breech
c) miscarriage
d) Ectopic Pregnancy

At what month are the nose, lips, tongue, teeth, arms and legs developing?
a) 1st month
b) 3rd month
c) 2nd month
d) 4th month

When does the embryo attach itself to the uterine lining?
a) By the end of the first week
b) By the 8th week
c) It doesnt
d) There is actually no set time.

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