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To approve an amendment to the Constitution is to __________ the amendment.
a) ratify
b) exchange
c) credit
d) suffrage

A payment made to the BANK to repay a loan:
a) installment
b) credit
c) stock
d) flapper

When a bank loans money to a customer with the agreement that he will gradually pay the loan back is known as:
a) credit
b) installment
c) ratify
d) stock

Part of a company that is available to buy at the stock exchange is a _____.
a) stock
b) credit
c) flapper
d) suffragette

A change made to the Constitution is called _______________.
a) an amendment
b) a flapper
c) an installment
d) a stock

A woman who dressed in nontraditional ways, had bobbed hair and often did things that were decidedly 'unladylike' was known as a ____________.
a) flapper
b) pilot
c) suffragette
d) actress

The ban that made it illegal to make or sell alcohol was called:
a) Prohibition
b) suffrage
c) flappers
d) installments

The right to vote is called:
a) suffrage
b) Prohibition
c) flappers
d) intallments

Which amendment made it illegal for anyone to make or sell alcohol?
a) 18th
b) 19th

Which amendment became known as Prohibition?
a) 18th
b) 19th

Which amendment gave women the right to vote?
a) 19th
b) 18th

Suffragettes collected signatures on petitions for the cause that led to this amendment.
a) 19th
b) 18th

The period in which many people were buying and selling real estate and property values skyrocketed was known as the:
a) Florida boom
b) Bull market
c) Bear market
d) Texas Thunderdome

Billy Sunday was a ______________ who became an evangelist after he was saved.
a) baseball player
b) hockey player
c) boxer
d) flapper

The stock market crashed in October of what year?
a) 1929
b) 1935
c) 1925
d) 1918

A time of economic LOSS is called a ________ market.
a) bear
b) bull
c) stock
d) credit

A time of economic GROWTH is called a _________ market.
a) bull
b) bear
c) stock
d) credit

The assembly line and interchangeable parts made...
a) products easier to repair
b) products more costly to repair
c) products INCREASE in price
d) fewer people able to purchase consumer goods

Which of the following is NOT a name given to the 1920's?
a) Classical Age
b) Jazz Age
c) Dazzling Decade
d) Roaring 20's

The stock market crash caused which of the following?
a) people to become poor overnight AND fast-paced life to slow down
b) people to become poor overnight AND flappers to bob their hair
c) fast-paced life to slow down AND flappers to bob their hair
d) flappers to bob their hair AND Warren G. Harding to become president

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