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Information To Review For Your Final.

Radical members of the Legislative Assembly during the years of the French Revolution were called
a) Girondins
b) Jacobins
c) sans-culottes
d) proletariat

Who perfected the steam engine to make it the main source of power behind the Industrial Revolution?
a) Benjamen Bakewell
b) Robert Hooke
c) James Watt
d) Jethro Tull

Which of the following schools of thought advocates the greatest good for the greatest number?
a) utilitarianism
b) militarism
c) self-determination
d) capitalism

Which of the following consists of hit and run war tactics?
a) war of attrition
b) guerilla warfare
c) trench warfare
d) chemical warfare

The term for a popular vote by ballot is
a) plebian
b) plebiscite
c) comintern
d) vernacular

Spanish conquerors of the Americas during the Age of Exploration were known as
a) reconquistas
b) conquistadors
c) crusaders
d) matadors

One institution that limited the power of the English monarchy during the Age of Absolutism was the _________ -a group of high-ranking officials who advise the head of state
a) ancien regime
b) cabinet
c) Estates General
d) intendant

The Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs was
a) Hernando Cortes
b) Francisco Pizarro
c) Amerigo Vespucci
d) Ferdinand Magellan

People who took financial risks to make a profit during the Industrial era were known as
a) mercantalists
b) entrepreneurs
c) the proletariat
d) marxists

During the Age of Absolutism, leaders with absolute power who made progressive reforms were known as
a) limited monarchies
b) enlightened despots
c) legitimate leaders
d) kind consuls

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