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talking to other people about their jobs
a) networking
b) career
c) job shadowing
d) mobility

involves work experience in an organization while learning about a career field
a) internship
b) career
c) occupation
d) networking

a task or series of tasks performed to provide a good or service
a) occupation
b) mobility
c) experience-based resume
d) career

spending time with a worker for a day or week to learn about a certain occupation
a) job shadowing
b) follow-up letter
c) networking
d) cover letter

letter that expresses your interest in a specific job and quests an interview
a) cover letter
b) internship
c) career
d) mobility

the willingness and ability of a person to move where jobs are located
a) mobility
b) career
c) networking
d) job shadowing

highlights abilities and experiences related to the job for which you are applying
a) qualifications-based resume
b) experience-based resume
c) internship
d) cover letter

a goal for work that is fulfilled through through a job or series of job
a) career
b) networking
c) occupation
d) mobility

letter that expresses your appreciation for the opportunity to interview for a job
a) follow-up letter
b) qualifications-based rsume
c) experience-based resume
d) career

lists employment history in chronological order
a) experience-based resume
b) qualifications based resume
c) follow-up letter
d) internship

a(n) career _______ provides tangible evidence of your ability and skills and includes such items as sample reports, creative works, and letters of recommendation.
a) portfolio
b) planner
c) folder
d) recommendation

A(n) ________ is an experienced employee who serves as a counselor to a person with less experience.
a) mentor
b) sage
c) leader
d) professor

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