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Two solid lines represents
a) 4 electrons
b) 2 electrons
c) 8 electrons
d) 1 electron

HCL has how many total valance electrons?
a) 2
b) 8
c) 10
d) 1

During covalent bonding electrons are
a) no longer moving
b) spilt apart
c) transferred
d) shared

What happens when two atoms are close?
a) The electrons and protons attract
b) The electrons and protons repel
c) Nothing happens
d) The nucleus explodes

Two types of bonding
a) covalent and bohr
b) ionic and covalent
c) ionic and ion
d) covalent and lewis

a) positive
b) no chrage
c) negative
d) I don't know

a) Positive
b) Negative
c) No charge
d) I don't know

a) I don't know
b) no charge
c) negative
d) positive

The Prefix TETRA means
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

Stability of atoms means
a) they are in the same region on the periodic table
b) they dont have complete outer shells
c) the bond is broken
d) they hold together easier

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