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When coding some procedures and services it is necessary to add a 2 digit modifier in order to ____________.
a) Give a more accurate description
b) Prevent miscoding
c) Indicate usual charges
d) Meet federal guidelines

Random audits of medical records by insurance carriers are used to __________.
a) Monitor coding accuracy
b) Assess physician dictation timelines
c) Revise CPT codes
d) Catch errors by insurance companies

It is best to delay the submission of certain claims until pathology reports are received because ____________.
a) Malignant lesions are reimbursed at a higher rate
b) Insurance companies require this
c) You can never code symptoms on a claim
d) The physician’s office bills for the pathologist

A correctly completed claim submitted within the policy time limit is termed a ____________.
a) Clean claim
b) Legal claim
c) Paid claim
d) Paper claim

An EOB document may include all of the following EXCEPT ____________.
a) Coding updates
b) Allowed amounts
c) Patient name
d) Deductible

Claims paid with no errors are considered ____________.
a) Closed
b) Pending
c) Filed
d) Suspended

A group of electronic claims submitted from one facility is termed a ____________.
a) Batch
b) Bundle
c) Cluster
d) Bunch

From beginning to end, an electronic claim versus a paper claim requires ____________.
a) Fewer steps
b) More steps
c) Signature stamps
d) Documents be sent

A third party entity that receives, separates, and transmits claims to the appropriate payer I called a(n) ____________.
a) Clearinghouse
b) National network
c) Insurance specialist
d) Carrier

Medicaid policy allows for coverage and payment of all services that are ____________.
a) Medically necessary
b) Billed by a physician
c) Viewed as appropriate by the physician
d) Less than $100

A plastic card containing information regarding a patient’s insurance, history and eligibility is called a ____________.
a) Smart card
b) Debit card
c) Record
d) Disk

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