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What did the Glorious Revolution put an end to?
a) absolute monarchy in England
b) absolute monarchy in France
c) absolute monarchy in America
d) absolute monarchy in Germany

What caused the English Civil War?
a) Charles I refused to allow Parliament to start a war with Spain
b) Parliament would not give Oliver Cromwell a position in the government
c) Parliament tried to overthrow the king
d) Charles I locked Parliament out of their meeting place because they wanted more power

Whose work with the laws of gravity and the laws of motion happened during the Scientific Revolution?
a) Copernicus
b) Sir Issac Newton
c) John Locke
d) Baron de Montesquieu

Rousseau's Enlightenment ideas would later influence what type of governments?
a) democracy
b) absolute monarchy
c) totalitarian governments
d) constitutional monarchy

What did Galileo use to help prove the heliocentric theory?
a) a map
b) laws of motion
c) telescope
d) laws of interia

What does the excommunication of Galileo show?
a) the conflict between religion (Catholic Church) and science
b) the conflict between religion and exploration
c) the conflict between science and mathematics
d) the conflict between science and medicine

What was the cause of the Scientific Revolution?
a) advancements in religion in the 15th and 16th centuries
b) advancements in social reform in the 15th and 16th centuries
c) advancements in government in the 15th and 16th centuries
d) advancements in science in the 15th and 16th centuries

After the French and Indian War, who got the land as the outcome of the war?
a) France
b) the Native Americans
c) Spain
d) Britain

How would you differentiate between an unlimited government and a limited government?
a) An unlimited government has restraints put on the authority by the people, limited gov't there isn't ability to limit the gov
b) An unlimited government allowes people to choose how they are ruled, limited gov't doesn't allow the citizens to have say
c) A limited government has restraints put on the authority by the people, unlimited gov't there isn't ability to limit the gov
d) A limited government has no power for its citizens, an unlimited government has all the control with the ruler

When the Spanish brought Christianity to Asia, what did the Asian leaders do?
a) used the Open Door Policy
b) returned all that had been traded
c) returned to isolationism
d) used the ideas as their own

In a mercantilist economy, what happened to goods and materials that were traded?
a) they were tarriffed
b) they were stolen
c) they were auctioned off
d) they were given to the slaves

What is capitalism?
a) Economic system based on all money going back to the Mother Country
b) Economic system based on everyone sharing the money
c) Economic system based on private ownership
d) Economic system based on government control of the money

Plantation colonies were mainly used by which European Mother Country?
a) Britain
b) Spain
c) Portugal
d) France

What did the New World send to Europe during the Age of Exploration?
a) nothing
b) raw materials
c) slaves
d) manufactured goods

How did gunpowder help the Europeans in the New World?
a) Europeans used it for fireworkds to distract the natives
b) Europeans used it to trade for materials they needed
c) Europeans used it to sail quickly to the New World
d) Europeans used it to overtake the natives who didn't have gunpowder/guns

Who were the first slaves in the New World?
a) Africans
b) the Spanish
c) Native Americans
d) women and children

Why did Europeans begin to bring Africans to the New World?
a) The Native Americans began running away
b) They began growing more cash crops and needed the labor
c) They began to marry the Native Americans and didn't want them working
d) The Native Americans kept dying

What did navigational advancements and discovery lead to?
a) international trade
b) the Plague
c) the Middle Ages
d) the industrial revolution

Wha is the purpose of a constitution?
a) to outline the powers of the military
b) to outline the powers of the government
c) to outline the powers of religion/church
d) to outline the powers of the king

What did the English Bill of Rights do?
a) promoted unlimited gov't in England, monarch began to give power to citizens, and Parliament had to stop meeting
b) promoted absolute monarchy in England and gave all the power to Parliament
c) promoted limited gov't in England, monarch gave up the throne, and Parliament couldn't meet anymore
d) promoted a limited gov't in England, monarch begain sharing power with Parliament, and protected individual rights

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