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Enzymes in the saliva begin the digestion of...
a) starches.
b) minerals.
c) lipids.
d) proteins.

The digestion of proteins in steak, chicken, and fish begins in the...
a) stomach.
b) small intestine.
c) esophagus.
d) mouth.

Which type of digestion occurs in the stomach?
a) Chemical only.
b) Neither mechanical nor chemical.
c) Both mechanical and chemical.
d) Mechanical only.

Which organ of the digestive system contains fingerlike extensions called villi and microvilli that increase the surface area for maximum absorption?
a) esophagus
b) large intestine
c) small intestine
d) stomach

Bile is created in the ________________, stored in the ________________, and aids in breaking down _______________..
a) stomach, liver, fats
b) small intestine, gallbladder, carbohydrates
c) pancreas, gallbladder, proteins
d) liver, gallbladder, lipids

Where does the majority of digestion and absorption occur?
a) esophagus
b) small intestine
c) large intestine
d) stomach

Where does most water absorption occur?
a) large intestine
b) mouth
c) esophagus
d) stomach

When you swallow food, which structure covers the trachea to prevent food from going down into the lungs?
a) uvula
b) larynx
c) pharynx
d) epiglottis

Amylase, pepsin and lipase break down which foods, respectively?
a) carbohydrates, proteins, fats
b) lipids, fats, oils
c) sugars, lipids, proteins
d) nucleic acids, lipids, fats

Holes that occur in the esophagus or stomach walls are called...
a) carcinomas.
b) ulcers.
c) deviated septums.
d) emphysemas.

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