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All of the following were goals stated in the slogan of the Revolution EXCEPT
a) liberty
b) fraternity
c) justice
d) equality

Napoleon accomplished all of the following EXCEPT
a) a uniform set of laws.
b) a stabilization of the economy.
c) an expansion of freedom of speech.
d) an equal-opportunity public education system.

The accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna included all of the following EXCEPT
a) reinstating the royal families dethroned by Napoleon
b) creating a balance of power among European nations
c) surrounding France with strong neighboring countries
d) signing the alliances that made up the Concert of Europe

The person MOST responsible for the accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna was
a) Czar Alexander I of Russia
b) King Frederick William III of Prussia
c) Klemens von Metternich of Austria
d) Emperor Francis I of Austria

Why did the Congress of Vienna redraw the bounderies of some European countries?
a) to create more countries
b) to distribute land more fairly
c) to prevent the growth of nationalism
d) to encircle France with strong countries

Which of the following was the chief goal of the Congress of Vienna?
a) to punish France
b) to create a lasting peace
c) to strengthen Germany
d) the add power to Britain

Which European county was Napoleon unable to conquer?
a) Britain
b) France
c) Italy
d) Belgium

What was the result of Napoleon's invasion of Russia (the Russian campaign)?
a) defeat of the Russians
b) defeat of the French
c) a stalemate
d) French annexation of Russia

The Third Estate rebelled and declared themselves the
a) French Parliament
b) the Congress of France
c) the National Assembly
d) the Directory

European rulers denounced the French Revolution because
a) it promoted the French monarchy
b) they were afraid it would spread
c) it took away the power of the Church
d) it took too long

Which of the following contributed to the French Revolution
a) the theory of divine right of kings
b) the theory of the Mandate of Heaven
c) the ideas of the Enlightenment
d) none of the above

Which of the following describes the ultimate fate of Robespierre
a) he died of a heart attack on the floor of the National Assembly
b) he escaped to Austria where he lived in exhile
c) he was executed by the guillotine
d) he was killed by a hired assasin

The group that was given extraordinary powers to protect France from outside invasion was known as
a) the Gang of Twelve
b) the Committee of Public Safety
c) the Directory
d) the Jacobins

Name one of the two countries who were willing to go to war with France to help Louis regan his power?
a) Austria and Prussia
b) Austria and Russia
c) Spain and Prussia
d) Britain and Russia

Before the revolution, members of the Third Estate had
a) a smaller tax burden than the other estates.
b) a voice in government equal to that of the First and Second Estates.
c) greater political influence than the clergy.
d) a high tax burden and little political power.

Which of the following groups was NOT exempt from the French taille (primary tax)?
a) The Third Estate
b) Louis XVI
c) The First Estate
d) The Second Estate

The attack on a Paris prison by enraged citizens was called
a) storming of the Bastille.
b) the Great Fear.
c) the Long March.
d) the Reign of Terror.

Which of the following led to the French Revolution?
a) financial crisis in France
b) the inequality of the Estate system
c) the lavish spending of Louis XVI and Marie Antionette
d) All of the above

Members of the political faction favoring extreme change were called
a) Girondists
b) Jacobins
c) The Marseillaise.
d) royalists

King Louis XVI left Versailles for Paris when his palace was surrounded by
a) women demanding bread.
b) soldiers demanding higher wages.
c) peasants demanding voting rights.
d) nobles demanding greater privileges.

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