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The leader of the Bolsheviks during the 1917 November Revolution in Russia was
a) Rasputin
b) Lenin
c) Kerensky
d) Stalin

During the Russian Civil War, the White Army was composed of
a) tsarist officers, democrats, and other anti-Bolsheviks
b) German refugees
c) Bolsheviks and other revolutionaries
d) soldiers from France, Germany, and Britain

Which 1929 event aggravated the economies of the U.S. and Europe?
a) the stock market crash
b) the creation of the New Deal
c) the Dust Bowl
d) the start of the Korean War

Mussolini established a __________ in Italy in the 1920's.
a) one-party dictatorship
b) democracy
c) monarchy
d) sound constitution

What did Stalin use to gain a firmer control over the politics, economy, and government of the Soviet Union?
a) the Five Year Plans
b) the Bolshevik Revolution
c) the Great Purge
d) Capitalism

Which of the following was an action of Hitler and his Nazi party that directly violated the Treaty of Versailles?
a) rearming Germany
b) invading Belgium
c) establishing the Gestapo
d) passing the Nuremberg Laws

Which of the following group's purpose was to encourage communist revolutions around the world?
a) the Comintern
b) The Black Shirts
c) the Gestapo
d) the White Army

Which of the following policies promotes giving in to an agressor's demands to maintain peace?
a) blitzkrieg
b) appeasement
c) utilitarianism
d) militarism

Hitler's plan for the unification of Germany and Austria was known as
a) Comintern
b) Anschluss
c) Rhinelization
d) Sudaten

A reform movement associated with voting rights for both genders was called
a) women's investiture
b) women's suffrage
c) women's humanism
d) women's utility

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