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What is the meaning of - ball is in her court?
a) she is the leader
b) it is up to her; her choice
c) she is the owner
d) she is the player

What is the meaning of - pulling your leg?
a) pulling your limbs
b) joking with you
c) wanting to hurt you
d) hurting you

What is the meaning of - game changer?
a) change of games
b) something that will change everything
c) game challenger
d) game controller

Which idiom means to be in a bad situation
a) jump to conclusion
b) in a pickle
c) make a beeline for
d) chip off the block

Which idiom means - move quickly
a) have a ball
b) spruce up
c) in the knick of time
d) make a beeline for

What is the meaning of - spruce up?
a) work
b) clean up
c) move about
d) to create

What is the meaning of - under your breath?
a) load
b) talking to yourself
c) whisper
d) checking your breath

What is the meaning of - rise and shine?
a) wake up
b) be happy
c) shine bright
d) it's morning

What is the meaning of - once in a blue moon?
a) all the time
b) never happens
c) once in a while
d) one time thing

What is the meaning of - from scratch
a) to forget
b) doubts
c) to start all over again
d) study

What is the meaning of - sweet tooth?
a) a love for sweets
b) clean up
c) toothache
d) cavity

What is the meaning of - see eye to eye?
a) to forget
b) try
c) agree
d) ignore

Identify the idiom: Mia is the type of friend who stays with you through thick and thin.
a) Mia is the type
b) type of friend who stays with you
c) with you
d) through thick and thin

Identify the idiom: I saw Sam at the store, and he gave me the cold shoulder.
a) Sam at the store
b) he gave me the cold
c) I saw Sam
d) Cold shoulder

Identify the idiom: She gets a kick out of watching cartoons.
a) watching cartoons
b) gets a kick out of
c) kick out of watching
d) she gets a kick

What does it mean to slip your mind?
a) to forget
b) to slip and fall
c) to keep on going with life
d) you did it

What is the meaning of - give it a shot?
a) shoot at it
b) somebody is going to get a shot
c) don't give it a second chance
d) give it a try

What is the meaning of - all eyes on me?
a) look at me
b) I want everybody's eyes
c) look away
d) help out

What is the meaning of - she screamed at the top of her lungs?
a) her lungs bursted
b) she used the top part of her lungs to scream
c) she screamed really loudly
d) she used her lungs to scream

What is the meaning of - diamond in the rough?
a) a broken good thing
b) something that turns into something pretty
c) something that is uncommonly good
d) a rough diamond

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