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Why did Catholics immigrate to the Maryland Colony?
a) To Pray
b) Escape Persecution
c) Make Make Cabins
d) Fish

Which principle of democracy does the 10th amendment fall under?
a) Popular Sovereignty
b) Phenomenon
c) Federalism
d) Dictatorship

Who did the Continental Congress of the Colonies appoint General of the Revolution?
a) Ben Franklin
b) Mr. I. Garza
c) Drake
d) George Washington

Which event caused the federal government to be restructured (they made it again)?
a) Rebel CAmera
b) Whiskey Rebellion
c) Civil War
d) Shays' Rebellion

A result of being human was that we were created equal with certain unalienable rights. Which is not a right?
a) Pursuit of Happiness
b) Life
c) Liberty
d) Liability

Settlers and Immigrants were connected by the National Road for business opportunities. Which of the following did the Road promote?
a) Free Enterprise System
b) Border Dispute
c) Nascar
d) Railroad

The Mayflower Compact created by the Pilgrims was
a) a Cash Crop
b) not strict enough
c) established a form of Self-Government
d) the Right to Vote

Which of the following was not a reason the American colonists created their own form of representative institutions?
a) Distance from Great Britian
b) Traditional Rights of Englishmen
c) Need to make laws
d) Traffic laws

The Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan were combined by...
a) Missouri Compromise
b) Monroe Doctrine
c) The Great Compromise
d) Right to Privacy

What problem did George Washington have when he became president?
a) Large debts (owing money) because of the American Revolution
b) The White House being burned down
c) letting Mr. Trevino have a bigger classroom
d) Freeing the slaves

Which one of the following rights does a person accused with a crime not have?
a) Speedy Trial
b) Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure
c) Quartering of Soldiers
d) protection from cruel and unusual punishment

Which amendment gives you the right to a trial by jury?
a) 1
b) 6
c) 8
d) 4

Why did the Proclamation of 1763 upset the colonists? (teenagers)
a) Upholding the laws of the king
b) Creating new taxes for colonists to pay
c) because Mrs. Gonzalez said so
d) limits imposed on going west of the Appalachian Mountains

What was the result of Puritans coming to the New World?
a) Mrs. Leanos giving no homework
b) the principle of religious freedom
c) giving slaves the right to vote
d) the Industrial Revolution

Why did Patrick Henry oppose (go against) the U.S. Constitution?
a) ratifying (accepting change) it would surrender too much power to the national government
b) Mr. Zuniga wouldn't like your cats
c) the British giving liberty
d) The Bill of Rights wouldn't work

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