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What is the name of the proteins secreted by a virus infected cell, these proteins protect healthy neighboring cells from infection?
a) compelement
b) lymphocyte
c) interferon
d) antibodies

What is the name of the proteins that bind to and create a pore in a foreign body's cell membrane?
a) complement
b) lymphocyte
c) interferon
d) antibodies

The two lymphoid organs associated with the MALT are the
a) spleen and tonsils
b) thymus and Peyer's patches
c) tonsils and thymus
d) tonsils and Peyer's patches

What are the small blind-ended vessels that pick up leaked lymph from the blood capillaries called?
a) lymphatic vessels
b) lymphatic capillaries
c) lymph nodes
d) lymphatic duct

The name of the duct that collects lymph from the upper half of the right side of the body is known as the
a) right thoracic duct
b) right lymphatic duct
c) thoracic duct
d) efferent vessels

The name of the lymphatic vessels that carry the lymph into the lymph nodes is
a) efferent lymphatic vessels
b) right lymphatic vessel
c) thoracic vessel
d) afferent lymphatic vessels

The two types of lymphocytes are the ______.
a) B and T
b) T and M
c) A and B
d) B and M

Which of the following is NOT a lymphoid organ?
a) lymph nodes
b) spleen
c) brain
d) tonsils

The name of any foreign body that is capable of provoking an immune response is a(n)
a) antibody
b) allergen
c) antigen
d) histamine

When the B cells become immunocompetent they travel to the ____ where they remain until activated by an antigen.
a) spleen
b) brain
c) lymph node
d) blood stream

What are the two passive means of acquiring antibodies?
a) infection and vaccine
b) mother to fetus and immune serum
c) infection and mother to fetus
d) vaccine and immune serum

What are the two natural means of obtaining antibodies?
a) mother to fetus and infection
b) mother to fetus and immune serum
c) vaccine and immune serum
d) infection and vaccine

The region of the brain that controls the body's temperature is the ___.
a) hippopotamus
b) medulla oblongata
c) cortex
d) hypothalamus

The macrophages are a part of the ____ lines of defense.
a) 1st only
b) 2nd only
c) 1st and 2nd
d) 2nd and 3rd

The types of lymphocytes that are responsible for creation of antibodies are the ___ cells.
a) A
b) B
c) T
d) M

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