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The __________________ fonts are the ones that have those little ears and feet at the end of each letter.
a) Serif
b) San Serif
c) Script
d) Decorative

The San Serif fonts are the ones that have those little ears and feet at the end of each letter.
a) True
b) False

__________ is space between letters.
a) Kerning
b) Leading
c) Spacing
d) white

This alignment is most commonly used and is the easiest to read.
a) Left
b) Center
c) Right
d) Justified

____________________________ are modified versions of a typeface. Examples would be italic, bold, condensed and extended.
a) Type Styles
b) Type Family
c) Fonts
d) Font Name

Type is measured in:
a) points
b) picas
c) markers
d) none of these answers are true

Kerning is the vertical space between lines of type on a page.
a) True
b) False

This alignment is used usually seen in magazines and newspapers.
a) Justified
b) Right
c) Center
d) Left

This alignment is used for short amounts of text; it is most commonly seen on flyers.
a) Center
b) Left
c) Right
d) Justified

On the left side of the menu bar is the ________________ icon, which you can use to access your System Preferences, recent documents, and more. You'll also use this icon to shut down or restart your computer.
a) apple
b) finder
c) launchpad
d) App Store

Open _______________ by clicking the this icon on the left side of the Dock. You'll use this whenever you want to navigate to a file or folder.
a) Finder button
b) Application button
c) Ctrl+O
d) Start Menu

The _______________ is located at the top of the screen. It is always visible except for when you're running a full-screen app. It's options on will vary depending on which app you're currently using.
a) Title bar
b) Dock
c) Spotlight

Opens __________________ by clicking the this icon on the Dock.
a) launcher
b) finder
c) Safari
d) Preview

You can delete an item by clicking and dragging the file or folder onto the Trash icon on the Dock.
a) True
b) False

Two of the most useful features in OS X are the Dock and Launchpad.
a) True
b) False

The ___________ houses shortcuts to your favorite apps, files, and folders, as well as the Trash. You can customize the it by reorganizing it, adding or deleting items, and changing settings.
a) desktop
b) dock
c) finder
d) applications menu

Remove any unwanted items from the Dock by dragging them onto the ______________________.
a) desktop
b) on top of an item
c) clicking the delete key
d) right click delet

An __________________ _____________________ manages all of the hardware and software on a computer. Without it, the computer would be useless.
a) operating system
b) computer brain
c) wireless Keyboard
d) optical mouse

No matter which view you're in, you can preview a file by pressing the ______________________ on your keyboard. This is known as Quick Look. It works with most common file types, but not all of them.
a) spacebar
b) back arrow
c) backspace
d) option button

________ is a sophisticated image-editing application you can use to create, edit, and enhance images.
a) Photoshop
b) Dreamweaver
c) Publisher
d) Word

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