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Unit 1.

What is an example of Pull factors?
a) lost of jobs
b) Poverty
c) Overcrowding
d) Cultural diversity

What was the reason for the settlement for Jamestown?
a) Economical and Political
b) The three G's
c) Religion
d) Social reasons

What religious group believed in equality and religious toleration to people having influence in local government?
a) Anglins
b) Catholics
c) Quakers
d) Pilgrims

In what year were enslaved Africans brought to Jamestown?
a) 1777
b) 1619
c) 1689
d) 1645

What colonial region had climate available resources and geography supported widespread plantation agriculture of tobacco, rice, indigo, and cotton
a) Northern
b) Middle
c) Southern
d) New Mexico

Which country found the first sea route to the Far East?
a) England
b) Spain
c) Portugal
d) Italy

What is the Mayflower Compact?
a) legal document written by the Pilgrims before they landed in Plymouth colony specified basic laws and social rules for their
b) a document written by Thomas Jefferson to the natives
c) first written principles of government created in the American colonies.
d) rules that limited the power that the king had

The southern Colonies (Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia) had...
a) cold winters, rocky soil, Atlantic Ocean, lots of coastline, fish, and forests.
b) • milder climates, good ports, land suitable for growing crops like wheat and corn
c) rich soil, mild climate, tidewater regions, large expanses of forested land, accessibility to large navigable rivers.
d) few navigable rivers, however, the availability of deep harbors promoted shipping and developed an economy dependent on shipb

What were the French reasons for the colonization of america?
a) gold, God, and glory
b) trade and profit
c) religious freedom
d) fur trade and to spread Christianity

What is the significance of Roger Williams?
a) established Rhode Island
b) responsible for the colonization of Pennsylvania
c) Pastor of a church during the era
d) a puritan leader

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