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What did The People's Charter of 1838 petition for?
a) suffrage for all men and annual parliamentary elections
b) suffrage for non-landowning men
c) suffrage for men and women
d) suffrage for women and annual parliamentary elections

What does the phrase manifest destiny mean?
a) The American people had the right and the duty to rule North America from coast to coast.
b) Native Americans should keep all their lands from coast to coast.
c) The British government should always have a say in U.S. foreign affairs, but not domestic.
d) The United States had the right to expand its territory to any continent.

What effect did the major inventions of the 19th-century have on people's lives in industrialized nations?
a) Cars, telephones, and electricity helped ease ways of living.
b) Life was made harder through increased demand for goods.
c) Work days increased because of higher technological demands.
d) All of these are true.

What event provoked the secession of the Southern states from the United States?
a) election of Abraham Lincoln
b) attack on Fort Sumter
c) issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation
d) formation of the Confederate States of America

What form of government did France adopt in 1875?
a) republic
b) monarchy
c) dictatorship
d) socialist democracy

What impact did the Civil War have on the postwar American economy?
a) The war sped up the pace of industrialization.
b) The economy sagged because of widespread deaths.
c) Most railroads, especially in the South, were destroyed in the war.
d) The economy suffered from mass emigration.

What policy or action led to the Trail of Tears?
a) Indian Removal Act of 1830
b) Emancipation Proclamation
c) Texas annexation
d) building of the transcontinental railroad

What promise by Abraham Lincoln frightened Southern states into seceding?
a) to stop the spread of slavery
b) to build factories in the South
c) to offer women the right to vote
d) to create the Confederate States of America

What was Captain Alfred Dreyfus accused of in the Dreyfus affair?
a) selling military secrets
b) being anti-Semitic
c) covering up a scandal
d) Zionist activity

Which of the following influenced the formation of Upper and Lower Canada?
a) cultural conflicts between the British and French living in Canada
b) abolition of slavery in half of Canada
c) a war between France and Britain
d) Native American land rights

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