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What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?
a) declared all slaves in the Confederate states as free
b) forever abolished slavery in all parts of the United States
c) guaranteed former slaves the right to vote
d) all of these

What did it mean to be a dominion?
a) It meant that a country was domestically self-governing but part of the British Empire.
b) It meant that a country pledged its allegiance to the Catholic Church.
c) It meant that a country paid tariffs to another country for protection.
d) It meant that a country could not take part in international trade due to war.

What concept is the theory of evolution based on?
a) natural selection
b) special creation
c) manifest destiny
d) power of the subconscious

To which country did the most Irish emigrants go during the Great Famine?
a) the United States
b) Australia
c) England
d) Canada

The Reform Bill of 1832 lowered the property requirements for voting in order to give voting rights to
a) wealthy middle class men.
b) poor men.
c) rural working class men.
d) urban working class men.

The term manifest destiny describes something that is both inevitable and
a) clearly apparent.
b) proper.
c) common to all.
d) the will of God.

The Trail of Tears was the forced westward migration of the Cherokee from Georgia to
a) Oklahoma.
b) Nevada.
c) Kansas.
d) Arizona.

The only country to allow women to vote before 1900 was
a) Britain.
b) Ireland.
c) Canada.
d) New Zealand.

The pogroms that took place in Russia were fueled by
a) anti-Semitism.
b) Zionism.
c) anti-communism.
d) demands for voting rights.

Parts of all of the following present-day states were included in the territory ceded by Mexico as a result of the Mexican-American War EXCEPT
a) Texas.
b) Arizona.
c) California.
d) New Mexico.

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