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A long term result of the Industrial Revolution is
a) a general decline in the standard of living for people in developed nations
b) an overall decline in population
c) a general rise in the standard of living for people in developed nations
d) a general increase in poverty for the working classes of developed nations

Who believes that poverty and injustice can be solved through shared ownership by the public of the means of production?
a) utopians
b) utilitarians
c) capitalists
d) socialists

Which group established communities in which all work is shared and all property is owned in common?
a) entreprenuers
b) capitalists
c) communists
d) sans-culottes

By the 1800's, leaders of which country saw the need to modernize, but resisted because they thought reforms would undermine their absolute rule?
a) Britain
b) Russia
c) United States
d) Japan

The technology for America's first textile mill came from which country?
a) Japan
b) France
c) Britain
d) China

A company that sells ownership shares to many investors is called a
a) monopoly
b) cartel
c) corporation
d) bond

The measure of the quality and availablity of neccessities and comforts in society is known as the
a) standard of living
b) utility theory
c) natural law
d) community quota

the movement of people to cities is called
a) utilitarianism
b) urbanization
c) ruralization
d) industrialization

Karl Marx referred to the working class as the
a) proletariat
b) haves
c) bourgeoisie
d) socialists

Laissez-faire economics stress
a) the importance of unions in business
b) the importance of government involvement in business
c) the importance of agriculture in business
d) the importance of having little to no government involvement in business

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