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6.8 x 2.3 =
a) 1564
b) 156.4
c) 15.64
d) 1.564

Alicia bought 3.8 of cashews for $15.58. How much was the cost per pound?
a) $4.10
b) $.410
c) $410
d) $41

The dance committee has 1,036 flowers. They want to divide the flowers evenly among 28 centerpieces. How many flowers will be in each centerpiece?
a) 28 flowers
b) 34 flowers
c) 40 flowers
d) 37 flowers

Alison bought one T-shirt for $10.20 and another T-shirt for $18.90. What is the total amount she spent?
a) $8.70
b) $28.10
c) $29.10
d) $30.00

Tristan had 95 inches of ribbon. He cut off 27.50 inches. How many inches of ribbon remain?
a) 122.50 inches
b) 100.50 inches
c) 70 inches
d) 67.50 inches

What is the value of 6.729 + 16. 38 ?
a) 83.67
b) 8.367
c) 23.109
d) 231.09

What is the difference of 62.98 and 2.976 ?
a) 43.22
b) 60.004
c) 65.956
d) 92.74

Find the quotient of 75.42 and 0.1 .
a) 75.42
b) 75.52
c) 75.32
d) 754.2

--answer to a subtraction problem
a) sum
b) quotient
c) difference
d) product

Keira is buying items for her kitchen. The store sells a mixing bowl for $12.95, a spatula for $8.37, and measuring cups for $9.99. What is the total cost for these items?
a) $21.32
b) $31.31
c) $29.12
d) $41.31

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