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an enlarged capital letter that drops below the first line of body text in the paragraph
a) dropped capital letter
b) caligraphic letter
c) body letter
d) all caps

to change your text to appear as columns you would use this tab
a) page layout
b) references
c) file
d) view

this type of page break inserts a new section and begins the new section on the same page
a) continuous
b) next page
c) even page
d) odd page

these are found at the bottom of a page in a document. They can be used to give more information
a) footnotes
b) endnotes
c) footer
d) sub note

mla, chicago, and Harvard are all examples of what? These are located in the references tab.
a) Reference styles
b) colleges
c) citations
d) table of contents styles

how many different types of sources are listed in the create source dialog box? (you may look in Word)
a) 17
b) not available
c) 3
d) 70

the word count is located in the...
a) status bar
b) task bar
c) quick access toolbar
d) word tools contextual tab

breaks can be found under which tab?
a) page layout
b) references
c) review
d) insert

this tab allows you to create envelopes and do a mail merge
a) mailings
b) review
c) page layout
d) references

this tab allows you to create a works cited page, insert citations, and create footnotes and endnotes
a) references
b) mailings
c) view
d) review

to apply borders to text, you would use which tab?
a) design
b) page layout
c) home
d) insert

This type of break allows you to apply different formatting to different parts of your document
a) section break
b) page break
c) end break
d) formatting break

when doing a mail merge, address block, first name, and last name are all examples of ...
a) merge fields
b) previewing
c) formatting buttons
d) recipient lists

The space between the edge of the paper and the beginning of the text
a) margin
b) indent
c) layout
d) tab stop

an object such as a document property or field you can insert from a gallery. Building blocks are an example of this
a) quick part
b) merge field
c) property
d) leader

the purpose of a mail merge is to...
a) save time
b) create a beautiful document
c) collect customer information
d) create a form document

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