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Which of the following statements BEST describes Prince Henry’s navigation school?
a) Sailors, scholars, mapmakers, and shipbuilders worked together there to improve sea travel.
b) Christopher Columbus attended the school.
c) Students at the school were taught military arts that they would use to conquer Native American civilizations.
d) Prince Henry did not start a navigation school.

Though both Native Americans and enslaved Africans suffered in New Spain, which of the following conditions was NOT shared by both groups?
a) not knowing the language of their conquerors
b) suffering from sickness and overwork
c) forced labor
d) leaving their homeland

Which explorer’s expedition was the first to circumnavigate the earth?
a) Cortés
b) Magellan
c) Ponce de Leon
d) Columbus

Which of the following items from the Columbian Exchange MOST helped the Native Americans?
a) gold and silver
b) bananas and sugar cane
c) horses
d) corn and potatoes

What was the overall effect of the Columbian Exchange on most of the native people of North America?
a) It had no effect on them.
b) It was good for them.
c) It improved their lives.
d) It was harmful to them.

How did mapmakers help European sailors improve their navigation?
a) They taught sailors how to operate the new caravel ships.
b) They could tell them how fast their ship was going.
c) They made more accurate maps.
d) Their maps showed the dangerous areas of land routes.

What did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella want Columbus to trade for in Asia?
a) lumber and fish
b) cotton and wood
c) gold and spices
d) horses and cattle

What did Columbus name the general area where he landed on his first voyage?
a) West Indies
b) New Spain
c) Taino
d) America

Which direction did Columbus sail in his attempt to reach Asia?
a) west
b) north
c) east
d) south

How long did Columbus sail before he reached land on his first voyage?
a) 5 weeks
b) 2 years
c) 1 month
d) 5 years

Which of the following was a reason Cortés took Moctezuma prisoner?
a) He wanted to conquer the Aztecs.
b) He wanted to take Moctezuma back to Spain.
c) Moctezuma had not welcomed Cortés and his men.
d) He was afraid of the Aztecs’ superior weapons.

Which of the following explains why King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to fund Columbus’s voyage?
a) They wanted to move to an island in the Caribbean Sea.
b) They wanted to trade with Native Americans.
c) They wanted to profit from trade and spread Christianity in Asia.
d) They were hoping to invade other Asian countries.

A settlement far from the country that rules it.
a) colony
b) merchant
c) epidemic
d) patron

Which of the following navigation tools helped European sailors know which direction they were going?
a) astrolabe
b) magnetic compass
c) maps
d) none of them

Who started a Portuguese navigation school around 1419?
a) Leif Ericsson
b) Bartolomeu Diaz
c) Vasco de Gama
d) Prince Henry

A person who buys and sells goods
a) epidemic
b) merchant
c) patron
d) colony

An outbreak of a quickly spreading disease
a) slave trade
b) colony
c) epidemic
d) patron

The buying and selling of humans as property.
a) epidemic
b) patron
c) merchant
d) slave trade

Which of the following navigation tools helped European sailors know how far they had sailed from the equator?
a) the astrolabe
b) the magnetic compass
c) maps
d) the telescope

Someone who gives financial support to a person or cause
a) slave trade
b) colony
c) patron
d) merchant

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