French Revolution And Napoleon Final Review Question Preview (ID: 2240)

Information On The French Revolution And Napoleon To Review For Your Final.

Members of France's Third Estate who broke away from the Estates General in 1789 called themselves the
a) Committee of Public Safety
b) Legislative Assembly
c) National Assembly
d) Directory

The Tennis Court Oath stated that the members of the National Assembly would continue meeting until they established
a) a reduction in taxes
b) the fall of the empire
c) the overthrow of the king
d) a just constitution

Which of the following groups was responsible for the trials and executions during the Reign of Terror
a) the Legislative Assembly
b) the Girondins
c) the National Assembly
d) the Committee of Public Safety

Who overthrew the Directory in 1799 and established the three-man Consulate in its place?
a) Robespierre
b) Cardinal Mazarin
c) Louis XVI
d) Napoleon

In which battle was Napoleon defeated for good?
a) Trafalgar
b) Waterloo
c) Galipoli
d) Coral Sea

Napoleon's policy of economic warfare became known as the
a) Congress of Vienna
b) Consulate
c) Continental System
d) League of Extraordinary Men

Which of the following was not a goal of the Congress of Vienna
a) to suppress revolutionary uprisings in Europe
b) to keep peace between European countries
c) to establish democratic governments throughout Europe
d) to restore European monarchs to their thrones

The French social system that divided society into estates was known as the
a) caste system
b) Huguenot hierarchy
c) ancien regime
d) Napoleonic Code

The Napoleonic Code was
a) a plan to boost industry and agriculture in France
b) a group of laws that included Enlightenment principles
c) an economic policy based on a favorable balance of trade
d) a military plan to annex Eastern Europe

Which of the following is a term used for the French middle class?
a) proletariat
b) boyars
c) bourgeoisie
d) entreprenuers

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