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A group of cells that work together are called?
a) an organ
b) a tissue
c) an organism
d) an organ system

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Why is skin considered to be an organ?
a) It is made of cells.
b) It acts as a barrier.
c) It is made of tissues
d) It is part of an organism

Organisms that are classified as multicellular must have?
a) only one cell
b) large cells
c) more than one cell
d) identical cells

Where do many of the basic life functions take place in an organism?
a) brain
b) cells
c) heart
d) nerves

Similar types of cells form tissues. What is the next level of complexity formed from the grouping of tissues?
a) organs
b) organelles
c) organisms
d) organ systems

The heart, blood vessels, kidneys, and bladder working together are best described as?
a) a cell
b) a tissue
c) an organism
d) a system

Which statement about all living organisms is true?
a) They have limbs.
b) They produce their own food.
c) They breathe air.
d) They have at least one cell.

From simplest to most complicated, how are multicellular organisms organized/
a) organ system, organ, cell, tissue
b) organ, tissue, cell, organ system
c) tissue, cell, organ system, organ
d) cell, tissue, organ, organ system

Which of the following characteristics of the cow is different from the paramecium?
a) The cow requires energy to survive.
b) The cow consumes oxygen during cell respiration.
c) The cow's hereditary traits are controlled by DNA.
d) The cow is composed of a large number of cells.

Which of these is never found in prokaryotic cells?
a) cell membrane
b) ribosomes
c) nucleus
d) cell wall

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