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The thick filament
a) Actin
b) Myosin
c) Tropomyosin
d) Troponin

Absolutely necessary for muscle contraction
a) Sodium
b) Myosin
c) ATP
d) Cholinesterase

Myasthenia gravis
a) Impacts muscles of the face and neck first
b) Occurs more often in females
c) Has myasthenic crisis
d) All of the above

a) Attracts water - salt sucks
b) Repels water - salt repels
c) Is indifferent to water
d) Can't be determined

Which is not correct about the thoracic cavity:
a) Most of the respiratory system
b) Most of the digestive system
c) Lined by the diaphragm
d) Surronded by costal cartilage

A eukaryotic cell
a) Is found in plants
b) Contains membrane-bound organelles
c) Is compartmentalized
d) All of the above

This bone is required for chewing
a) Zygomatic
b) Mandible
c) Frontal
d) Vomer

Musles that are flat are predominately used for
a) Weight-bearing exercises
b) Muscle attachment
c) No specific reason
d) Elasticity

Triglercerides contain:
a) Glycerol and phosporus
b) Phosphorus and three fatty acids
c) Glycerol and three fatty acids
d) Glycerol, three fatty acids, and phosporus

Which of the following is incorrect about enzymes:
a) Are organic
b) Are catalysts
c) Are destroyed by the reaction
d) Are specific

Muscles associated with posture
a) Rectus abdominus and latissimus dorsi
b) Gluteus maximus and trapezius
c) Sternocleidomastoid and peroneus longus
d) Tibialis anterior and biceps brachii

Responsible for packaging and sending out material in the cell
a) Mitochondria
b) Endoplasmic reticulum
c) Centrioles
d) Golgi appartatus

a) Enlargement
b) Inflammation
c) Small
d) Enzyme

Which of the following is not an organic compound
a) Fatty acid
b) Glucose
c) Nitrogen
d) Amino Acid

Energy is
a) Stored in bonds
b) Transferable
c) Used by the body as ATP
d) All of the above

Refers to the skin:
a) derm-
b) hem-
c) myo-
d) oto-

Means gums
a) colo-
b) hystero-
c) gingiv-
d) neuro-

Risk factors for diseases include:
a) Gender
b) Stress
c) Lifestyle
d) All of the above

A person who is identified as a mesomorph
a) Is obese
b) May be anorexic
c) May be a bodybuilder
d) Can't be determined

Smooth muscle is found in:
a) Arteries
b) Esophagus
c) Small intestine
d) All of the above

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