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What is the subject in this sentence: She is a very beautiful girl.
a) She
b) is
c) beautiful
d) girl

What is the predicate in this sentence: John likes to play with me.
a) to play
b) with
c) John
d) likes

Predicates should always have a _____.
a) noun
b) adverb
c) verb
d) adjective

She _____ to be at school tomorrow.
a) has
b) have
c) did
d) are

Ben and I _____ eating spicy food.
a) loves
b) love
c) is
d) will

I _____ Ironman.
a) am
b) are
c) is
d) be

It _____ to be precise otherwise it will not fit.
a) like
b) is
c) are
d) needs

They __________ their school uniform on Monday.
a) have to wear
b) has wearing
c) are to wearing
d) to wear

Elsa _____ to eat with us tonight.
a) wants
b) want
c) are
d) am

What is the predicate in this sentence: Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
a) Peter Piper
b) a peck
c) picked
d) pickled

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